Labor One specializes in matching skilled craft laborers with marine and industrial services needs throughout Texas, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia and California. We ensure our clients receive the right candidates they need, while providing reliable work to our wide network of talent.

The result? We support our clients by delivering the craft labor they require and help our team members thrive.


At Labor One, our mission is to create partnerships between clients and staff within the marine and industrial services fields in order to create greater productivity and satisfaction for both. By utilizing a unique recruitment process, our mission is to create a wide network of vetted and qualified talent from which we can draw in order to create these mutually beneficial relationships.


We envision, and are implementing, staffing solutions that deliver skilled, timely, and affordable labor to our clients. We also envision, and are implementing, a recruitment process that prepares job candidates for placement in jobs where their skills and training are useful, valued, and rewarded.

Why labor one

Labor One is committed to offering our clients a thorough hiring process focused on matching client needs with the most skilled and qualified talent in the industry.


Labor One prides itself on
being a leader in the staffing

Affordable and Competitive Rates

We meet client budgets while maximizing pay for our talent network.


Our process creates a mutual commitment between clients and staff that benefits both.

One Source

Our comprehensive solutions satisfy all of our clients’ labor needs in one place.


Our recruitment process sets us apart, with a focus on building and delivering qualified talent to meet every need.

Optimum Results

We deliver the right personnel, at the right time, at the right budget.


Our large network of candidates is ready to work for you.


Our years of experience equip us to understand, respond to, and meet your staffing needs.

Need Staff?

Labor One’s candidates pass a hiring process that includes pre-screening, safety training, background checks, drug testing and more to ensure the most reliable and skilled fits for your staffing needs.

Ready to Work?

Our simple application process takes place online, via phone, or via text. Simply apply, submit your resume, and let us guide you through the vetting process that will prepare you for the steady work you need.


Listen to what satisfied staff and clients have to say about our ability to deliver quality
labor and reliable job opportunities.

Good place to work with, good work environment.

- Castrol ANL

Very good company. Ask for Brad or Lorenzo.

- Henry Lopez II

This is one of the best labor staffing agencies a person could reach out to. Very professional and highly dedicated.

- Mauricio F. Texas

I applied online and received a call quickly. I was able to start work within a week of my interview. I'm glad I found Labor One.

- Ricardo B. Pasadena, TX.