Save Time

Because we take on the hiring process for you, from screening candidates to conducting background checks and safety training, we save you time on finding the right talent for your business.

Save Money

Save on employee benefit costs to make hiring the labor you need more affordable. Fewer financial obligations makes filling your open positions possible.


Simplify your hiring process with Labor One. We handle compliance, tax, insurance, ACA, and workers’ comp issues so you can hire with ease.

Our Hiring Process

Our unique hiring process delivers candidates who are highly-qualified and vetted to ensure talent you can rely on.


Labor One Staffing pre-screens job candidates to ensure we provide qualified candidates to our clients.

Skills Tested

Labor One Staffing administers skills testing, as part of our hiring process to ensure that job candidates have the right skils to match our clients labor needs.

Safety Orientation

Labor One Staffing’s top priority is safety. As part of our on-boarding process, candidates go through a safety orientation before getting to work.

Efficient On-Boarding

Labor One Staffing ensures that every candidate undergoes all required on-boarding procedures allowing our new hires to get to work quickly.

Business Inquiries or Questions

Need labor? Looking for a job? Contact us today to learn more about the
opportunities and talent we have available in your area.