10 Key Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency

10 Key Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency


Filling open positions, particularly for last-minute, seasonal, or temporary employees, can be a time-consuming hassle. Staffing agencies can help by providing efficient assistance in locating qualified employees for these positions. Because they devote themselves full-time to meeting staffing needs, these agencies offer significant benefits. Here are 10 of the key benefits of using a staffing agency to fill your open positions.

Hiring and Industry Expertise

One of the biggest advantages of using a staffing agency is the expertise the agency brings to the hiring process. Staffing agencies have an intimate knowledge not only of the hiring process but, if they serve a specific industry, also of that industry. As a result, a staffing agency can provide insight into everything from industry trends to current salaries, ideal employee qualifications to industry needs.That positions the staffing agency to meet each client’s unique needs with qualified candidates and to help clients and employees forge mutually beneficial relationships with each other. Labor One provides expertise within the marine and oil industries, offering intelligent staffing solutions for even the most specialized industry jobs.

Lower Costs

One reason many businesses seek out temporary employees through a staffing agency is to save money over hiring a permanent employee for what is a seasonal or short-term need.

Staffing agencies like Labor One can also save businesses money by reducing their financial obligations in other ways, making it easier and more affordable to hire help.

Here are a few ways in which Labor One can lower hiring costs:

  • Reduce employee benefit expenses
  • Save on recruitment, vetting, and hiring costs
  • Lower training costs by providing access to trained candidates
  • Reduce drug testing expenses
  • Save on overtime pay by reducing load on permanent employees

A Wide Network of Talent

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Businesses that try to hire candidates on their own only have access to the pool of talent accessible by their HR departments. Staffing agencies can broaden their reach, thanks to their ability to build wide networks of talented individuals who are already screened and qualified for jobs within the company’s industry.

Labor One has developed an extensive network of talent within the marine and oil industries. The result of access to such a large network enables us to quickly pull the right talent for each business client, guaranteeing a good fit and mutually beneficial relationships for our clients and candidates.

Qualified Talent

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Businesses need more than just bodies to fill a position, particularly if they operate in a specialized field such as the marine or oil industries. Staffing agencies, particularly industry-specific agencies such as Labor One, can offer specialized talent.

For example, by putting our candidates through our specialized hiring process, we ensure that each candidate is screened, vetted, trained, and equipped for industry-specific jobs so that every candidate we offer clients is qualified for that position and equipped to work specifically within the marine and oil industries.

Saved Time

The hiring process can be time-consuming. For businesses seeking last-minute or short-term employees, this timeframe can be too long. Staffing agencies help to eliminate this hiring lag by completing the screening and vetting process before the business needs an employee. When it is time to fit a client with candidates, the staffing agency can quickly draw from its network of talent, getting the right fit quickly.

Less Hassle

One of the key benefits of using a staffing agency is reducing the amount of hassle involved in hiring and keeping an employee on. Staffing agencies take on much of the onboarding and payroll responsibilities that would otherwise fall to the company’s HR department. For example, Labor One manages all of the paperwork, payroll taxes, compliance, ACA requirements, insurance, and tax issues related to our candidates. That can save businesses significant time and energy, without detracting from their access to specialized industry talent for their open positions.

Opportunity to Observe Employees Before a Permanent Hire

Rather than taking the time, energy, and money to explore the right candidates for a full-time position, businesses can often discover the right permanent fit for a position by accessing qualified temporary talent through a staffing agency.

For example, a contract employee who excels may prove to be a good fit for a full-time position once their contract is up. By giving businesses the chance to observe and interact with a candidate on a short-term basis, staffing agencies improve their ability to save time and money on finding the right candidates for long-term positions as well.

Improved Employee Retention

The ability to observe, and hire, full-time employees who come to work for a business on a temporary basis also improves employee retention for businesses. Employees have the chance to get to know the company, and the company gets to know them. As a result, both parties are more confident that they are a good match, reducing the chances of turnover once the employee is hired on a permanent basis.

Staffing agencies like Labor One that can provide specialized, qualified talent within a specific industry make it easier for businesses to find short, and possibly long-term employees who will fit comfortably into the business.

Fewer Hiring Risks

Selecting a new employee always carries a certain level of risk for a business. If the employee does not work out or quits early, the business could be left scrambling to find a replacement. By using a staffing agency, businesses can cut down on these risks and improve their ability to find and keep the right candidates for the entirety of the job.

Why? Staffing agencies such as Labor One have already vetted, trained, and screened candidates, ensuring a better selection of talent and assisting with finding the right fit not only for the job but for the business. That ensures a higher quality candidate fills a company’s open position, and remains there for the length of the job.

Improved ROI

Finally, one of staffing agency benefits that businesses can realize is an improved ROI. This increase in overall profits typically comes as a result of the agency’s ability to reduce expenses for client businesses. The result is that a staffing agency becomes more than an expense: It becomes a financial investment that can lead to candidates who earn a business money.

Labor One is a leader in the staffing industry and specializes in the marine and oil fields. Our unique hiring process and dedication to building mutually beneficial relationships. Turn to a staffing partner you can trust: Contact us today for access to a wide network of qualified talent and a staffing agency dedicated to saving you time, money, and hassle.

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